Episode 35: What Do You Believe?

February 26, 2017

Our son recently competed in a Bible quizzing competition and it left me with some thoughts about my own spiritual disciplines and their affect on my everyday life. 

Some links in this episode: 

Meet Luther, the bulldog

Do Christians Actually Believe What They Claim to Believe? 


Episode 34: The Weight of Waiting

January 22, 2017

There's no denying that waiting is hard, but if we inspect the endless moments more closely, we may find growth and maturity sprouting in unexpected places. Thanks for listening to the 1st episode of 2017! 


Episode 33: One Dollar Bill {a Christmas reflection}

December 16, 2016

A $1 bill acted as a beautiful reminder of the gospel to me last week!! Enjoy the last episode of 2016!


Episode 32: On Fevers and Advent

November 27, 2016

Simply sharing some thoughts as we head into the Advent season. 


Episode 31: She Reads Truth {a review}

November 13, 2016


What do we cling to in a world that is shaky and uncertain? This episode includes my thoughts on the awesome new book, She Reads Truth. Get your own copy here: http://amzn.to/2g30zcM

Also check out the online ministry of She Reads Truth. You won't be disappointed! 


Episode 30: Snickers the horse and exciting news

November 1, 2016

In this episode, I share about my 1st AND 2nd big writing projects! I'm so excited to share my new book with you, I'm Fine: Discovering His Completeness in my Shortcomings. 

Find it on Amazon here: 

Episode 29: Radical Humility - Thoughts on Biblical Submssion

October 23, 2016

What does submission look like for a Christian wife? Is submission a dirty word?  Recently my husband asked me to share a few thoughts with the ladies of our church on the gigantic topic of submission and I'm sharing those ideas with you! 


Episode 28: Humble Roots {review & giveaway}

October 9, 2016

Every once in awhile I stumble across words that are beautifully written, simply profound, and poignantly honest. The new book, Humble Roots, by Hannah Anderson is full of such writing. This episode includes my thoughts and instructions on getting a copy for yourself! 


Episode 27: Why Brokenness Matters

October 2, 2016

Brokenness is everywhere! We struggle with internal sin and the effects of others sin around us. If it's so rampant, what should we do with it? Ignore it? Embrace it? This episode discusses what brokenness means to us as believers! 


Episode 26: Headache-free Bible Study for Children

September 18, 2016

Do your young children struggle to have a personal Bible study time especially if they can't read yet? Here are a few things that have worked well for us recently! 

Mentioned in episode: 
Family Worship by Donald Whitney